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Feb, 2017

President's Meeting Held at Parkwood National

Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements

Modifies the residency document requirements into three categories in order to prove “residence.” Additionally, this removes the school report card as a School Enrollment Eligibility document. (Pages 18-19 in Baseball and Softball; 23-24 in Challenger).

Regulations and Playing Rules

  • Regulation I(a)(3) Note 2 and Regulation IV--The League and The Players

  • Regulation I(b)--The League

  • Regulation I(c)(6) and 1.11(a)(2)--The League and Objectives of the Game

  • Regulation I(c)(9) - The League [Baseball, Softball]; Regulation I(d)(7)

  • Regulation I(g) – The League [Baseball, Softball]

  • Regulation II(a) – League Boundaries [Baseball, Softball, Challenger]

  • Regulation VI(c), 3.03(c), Tournament Rule 4, and Tournament Rule 10 – Pitchers [Softball]

  • Regulation IX(f) – Special Games [Baseball, Softball]

  • Regulation XIII(f) – Commercialization [Baseball, Softball, Challenger]

  • Regulation XIV(e) – Field Decorum [Baseball, Softball]; Regulation XIV(d) [Challenger]

  • Playing Rule 6.02(c) – The Batter [Baseball, Softball]

  • Playing Rule 6.08(a)(2) – The Batter [Baseball]

  • Playing Rule 8.06(b) NOTE – The Pitcher [Baseball, Softball] - (updated 1/11/2017)

  • Playing Rule 9.01(d) NOTE – The Umpire [Baseball, Softball]; Playing Rule 9.01(e) NOTE [Challenger]

  • Playing Rule 9.01(e)– The Umpire [Baseball, Softball]; Playing Rule 9.01(f) [Challenger]


This meeting will not cover the tournament changes.  Those will be discussed at the end of regular season.


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